Ducted Gas Heating

We all know it’s getting a bit chilly outside – Why not install a heater before Winter hits![B]Bonaire_Tag_Orange_ClimateControl

Our Bonaire ducted gas heaters are energy efficient, economical and Australian owned and operated.
We offer a range of models for your convenience, from low cost and efficiency to 5 Star with zoning capability.

Bonaire MB3

With affordable pricing and excellent 3 Star performance, the MB3 includes unique multi tube heat exchange, electronic ignition and state of the art control boards.3 Yr Wty proc paths copy

MB3 Benefits:

  • Unique multi tube heat exchanger delivering energy efficiency up to 84%
  • Induced draft combustion for improved performance and energy efficiency
  • Electronic ignition eliminating the need for a pilot light
  • Slimline Digital thermostat included with the unit
  • Simple, easy stop start timer
  • Efficient operation
  • Engineered and constructed in Australia for Australian conditions
  • Designed to fit in small compact roof spaces
  • Easy installation
  • Upgrade option to the fully featured Navigator wall mounted controlTBM28699 PIC1

Bonaire MB4

Similar to the MB3, the unique multi tube heat exchanger is combined with a modulating gas valve designed to minimize gas usage. The advanced technology of the unique modulation is able to match the load requirements of your home by reducing its heating capacity as low as 10%. This not only reduces gas consumption but also reduces electricity usage of the fan motor. No other manufacturer of ducted gas heaters can offer a comparable performance.

MB4 Benefits:

  • The MB4 series also offer the choice of Navigator Wall Mounted Controller or the Navigator Radio Frequency ((RF) Remote Controller. Both are fully programmable for automatic operation and capable of running up to 8 integrated zones.
  • Modulating gas valve automatically adjusts gas rate as the home approaches set temperature = reduced energy bills
  • Auto adjusting variable – speed room air fan further enhancing the benefit of modulation and energy savings
  • Unit can run as low as 10% of its total capacity.
  • Induced draft combustion for improved energy efficiency
  • Electronic ignition – no pilot light
  • Quiet efficient operation
  • Engineered for Australian conditions
  • Compatible with Bonaire Dual Cycle systems
  • Option of 8 integrated zones
  • Easy Installation

Bonaire MB5

When only the ultimate will do

Akin to the MB4, Bonaire’s MB5 ducted heater offers you the ultimate In heating comfort. The MB5 uses a primary and a secondary heat exchanger which combined give you in excess of 90% efficiency.

When you add this level of efficiency to Bonaire’s unique predictive logic modulation system which modulates both the gas rate and the room air fan, you can achieve the ultimate in comfort without excessive energy bills.

MB5 Benefits:

  • The Bonaire MB5 has all the benefits of the MB4 plus more
  • 90% plus gas efficiency – more heat in your home for each dollar you spend
  • High efficiency four stage heat exchanger with a primary and a stainless steel secondary to efficiently heat your home.
  • Very flexible installation options
  • Predictive logic modulation that automatically adjusts the gas rate as your home reaches set temperature = reduced energy bills
  • Auto adjusting room air fan that works in unison with the predictive logic modulation, further reducing energy bills
  • 4 zone control board as standard so you can heat only the rooms you need**
  • Option of an 8 zone system for total comfort and maximum efficiency***

Changeover Heating

Got an old heater that simply isn’t performing to high standard anymore? Then you may need a Bonaire Rhino. BonaireRhino-Buffalo-side-by-side - Copy

Available in both three star and four star energy efficiency ratings the Bonaire Rhino has been specifically developed to provide a quick easy changeover for many of the old externally installed gas heaters. In many cases, the gas connection and power connection locations will be in the same location as your old heater saving on installation costs. If the air distribution base box does not need replacing, then the Bonaire Rhino will usually fit on the existing box.

Upgrade your heater thermostat control at the same time to a new Slimline digital thermostat, wall mounted or remote Navigator control.

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