Dearest one,

I am deeply sorry for disturbing your privacy. My name is Fadimata Issa, 23 yrs old, I’m Malian. I contacted you to seek your consent and help to reclaim my father’s property 50 kilograms of gold bars he deposited through his business partner Mrs. Martins in Cote d’Ivoire, Abidjan.

I am in Abidjan for the past six months to reclaim the property by myself but all my effort was in vain due to my late father reclamation terms and conditions. I must be 35 years old and married or reclaim by foreign investors that could guide and advise me.

This is the reason why I am searching for a sincere and trustworthy person to help me. I want you to write the company on my behalf as my new foreign investor, ask for reclaim, and seek the gold to ship out of Cote d’Ivoire to your country. Then later I will join you to invest with the money after selling it and I will continue my education. I have all the proofs of deposit documents with me.

This is the company link address below



Please I need your urgent reply because I am depressed, homeless here in Abidjan; I slept from friend to friend’s house, because of these difficulties I experienced sexual abuses and unjust treatment. If I can read from you I will send you my mobile number and pictures on my next reply.

God bless you.


Miss Fadimata Issa