Ivoire Gold Escrow
Abidjan, Cote d’ivoire
Dear Friend,
I am deeply sorry for disturbed your privacy with my message. My name is Rasheed Sultan, I’m deposit manager of Ivoire Gold. I discovered a gold dore weight (50 KG) deposited by a client six years ago, no revisit since deposited date. I go through the depositor documents, i find that the depositor didn’t include any next of kin, no second beneficiary, i investigate on the depositor name properly, i discovered the depositor of the gold is dead five years ago.
Very soon our company management will seek for the depositor next of kin to reclaim the gold otherwise the gold will be sold out and the money will go to company account. I contact you to seek your consent if you can provide your full name and address, i will swap it to depositor next of kin after it done, you can request for claim, after you receive it, you sell and send my own percentage. This transaction is 100% free risk, i will send you all the full documents it may require.
I need your quick response. Reply to my company email : rasheed@ivoiregoldescrow.com
Best regards,
Mr Rasheed Sultan